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  • Priority data recovery service when it really counts, 24/7 available for you.
  • 15 percent discounts on Data Recovery services and software.
  • Free online education and prevention tips.
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Data loss happens every day

Every year we deal with more than 50.000 physical and logical data loss cases in our clean rooms around the world. The reality: disaster recovery, backup and hardware solutions still fail. We know data loss is common, and increasingly so in virtual and cloud solutions.

Although mechanical failure is still the most common cause, fire, water damage, human error and malicious attack can cause serious data loss. Are you prepared for all of these cases?

Be prepared and ready to minimise your recovery time

Losing important company data can be disastrous for a company and the time it takes to return to normal business determines what you face in cost, damage to reputations, embarrassment and compliance issues. Ontrack Data Recovery Standby makes sure you can recover your data quickly and can continue your business operations without hassle.

  • Human error, mechanical defects, software faults and natural causes, all put your data at risk.
  • Professional Data recovery can be cheaper and a lot faster than trying to recovery data yourself and has a higher success rate. Especially with complex virtual and RAID solutions.
  • Make sure you prevent business outages, embarrassment, litigation and public relations disasters.

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What are immediate benefits should I sign up for Ontrack Data Recovery Standby?

Ontrack offers 2 services to provide you peace of mind and a fast response in data loss emergencies to complement your Disaster Recovery plan. These services give you priority service and emergency access to the best data recovery service in Singapore. Contact our Singapore office +65 6296 5131 to decide what service suits your needs best.

  • Knowing who to call when it really counts save you time, hassle, money and embarrassment.
  • Peace of mind, the highest chance of data recovery and no down time.
  • Access to the fasted and most professional service team in Singapore.
  • A 15 percent discount on all your services and most of all a priority service!
  • Ontrack Data Recovery Standby Standard had no fees and no obligations; you just pay a discounted service fee when and only if you choose our services in an emergency.

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Why Ontrack?

  • Our service center and lab facilities are in Singapore. We can connect to your data immediately by means of a remote connection or have your data couriered to our lab within 2 hours.
  • We partner with leading hardware and software vendor like: Apple, Dell, HP, EMC, VMware, Oracle and Microsoft and provide services for any storage medium and device.
  • Ontrack’s worldwide network of service centers mean we can work on your data 24/7.
  • We deal with more than 50.000 cases a year and have performed more than 500.000 data recoveries worldwide.

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Ontrack Data Recovery Standby BenefitsTerms and Conditions

Service ComponentStandby StandardStandby Premium
Free EvaluationUnavailableAvailable
24/7 support lineCall response within 30 minCall response within 30 min
Service level supportStandardEmergency 24 hours
Support ResponseWithin 24 hours for logical failure situationsWithin 2 hours for logical failure situations
Mechanical FailureThe pickup of faulty drives will be available from 9 am to 6 pm on working days.The pickup of faulty drives will be available 24/7.
First Responder training/certificationFree for 2 staff membersFree for 4 staff members
Data DestructionUnavailable50 media erasure or degaussing (certificate and disposal included)
Annual back up media auditUnavailableAnnual data accessibility audit for 3 sample back up media, single drives, tape media only.
Data recovery services and software15 percent discount on all DR services and Ontrack software products. Includes: Ontrack EasyRecovery, Ontrack PowerControls and Ontrack Eraser Software.20 percent discount on all DR services and Ontrack software products. Includes: Ontrack EasyRecovery, Ontrack PowerControls and Ontrack Eraser Software.
CoverageWintel, Linux operation systems, databases, RAID, Storage devices, VM's and tape.Wintel, Linux operation systems, databases, RAID, Storage devices, VM's and tape.
Subscription Fee per annumFreeSG$ 4000
Find out more about Standby StandardFind out more about Standby Premium

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