Ontrack PowerControls for Exchange & Office 365

Email management

Ontrack® PowerControls™ software is a powerful tool to granularly search, recover, collect, restore and export data from Microsoft Exchange Server and Office 365 environments. Find and restore email messages, mailboxes, attachments and more in minutes!

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Ontrack PowerControls for Exchange

From Exchange 5.5 to Office 365, Ontrack® PowerControls™ saves precious time and money wherever your email resides – on-premises, in backups, or in a hybrid-cloud environment. Ontrack PowerControls reduces the time and cost to perform mailbox restores and ediscovery collections by searching and restoring only what you need, not the entire database.

Mailbox recovery and restoration for Exchange and Office 365

With every additional gigabyte or terabyte of email stored, the challenges involved in maintaining and cost-effectively storing an organisation’s email growth. Whether you manage 50 mailboxes with valuable information or 50,000, the restoration of archived email accounts can be excruciatingly slow with normal recovery processes.

Ontrack PowerControls with Advanced Find function allows you to simultaneously search all the mailboxes of an archive. Our technology extracts only those items that fit exact search parameters, saving and eliminating the need to restore an entire backup.

Data Managment Mailbox Recovery

Data Managment Fast exchange search

Flexible search of all email content

Ontrack® PowerControls™ allows you to set flexible search criteria and run detailed queries across multiple data sources, selecting any combination of mailboxes or folders to search. Whether you need to find and restore one email message or need to launch an internal investigation, Ontrack PowerControls has the email archive search capabilities to meet a variety of administrative and compliance needs.

Email management with PowerPack for ExtractWizard

Ontrack PowerControls™ owners can use add-on features, known as agents, to enhance the product's capabilities. The ExtractWizard agent is a powerful tool that allows you to restore data from tape or disk backups to an alternative location. By eliminating the need for a duplicate server, Ontrack PowerControls ExtractWizard greatly reduces the time required for data restoration.

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 Email management for Exchange

Exchange & Office 365 mailbox migration & consolidation

Ontrack PowerControls supports server migration processes while allowing your IT resources to meet their daily email management requirements. Consolidate your Exchange or Office 365 environment when an employee departs the company by exporting their mailbox as a PST and archiving that data for compliance.
Data Managment Exchange Mailbox Migration

Ontrack PowerControls Features & Benefits

Ontrack® PowerControls™ includes a comprehensive set of features to accelerate, facilitate, and automate email recovery and search for Exchange users and Office 365 administrators.

  • Opening Source Files: Open a source Exchange Database (EDB) and specify a target PST file or target server. With the additional Agent for PST as Source, you can use a PST as the source file.
  • ExtractWizard: Read both private and public Exchange Information Store data from tape and disk backups. Extract Wizard reads EDB, STM and LOG files from tapes and restores them to any alternate location, thereby eliminating the need for a recovery server.

Once data is extracted, you can automate email recovery and search within Ontrack PowerControls:

  • Find Messages: Search a source EDB, PST or CAS file for message items that are defined by criteria such as keywords, message senders and recipients, and message creation dates.
  • Export Messages: Locate and export information for regulatory and litigation purposes. Export email from an EDB, PST or CAS source file to a local or network destination. Enhanced export to MSG, CSV or EML files using Unicode format.
  • Save Messages: Save email as Outlook files (.MSG) or plain text files (.TXT).
  • Restore Exchange Data: Restore data from a source EDB, PST or CAS file to a target destination simply by using drag and drop or the Copy/Paste Special commands.
  • Command Line Operations: Control and batch repetitive processes such as multiple copy and export tasks directly from the command line without initiating the Ontrack PowerControls user interface.
  • Reports: Get statistics about the data store such as size and counts for attachments and messages.
  • Content Analysis Store: Automate and save search results by selecting sources. Sources include entire EDB files, individual mailboxes from an EDB, or folders from an EDB. Any numbers of sources are allowed including multiple EDBs.
  • Message Views: View all instances of a given message or attachment in the EDB source within the same database as well as messages related by conversation.

Enhance Ontrack PowerControls

In addition to these features, Ontrack PowerControls offers optional components, known as PowerPacks. These PowerPacks allow you to tailor Ontrack PowerControls software to fit your specific environment and needs.


Ontrack® PowerControls™ is a simple, yet powerful tool for searching, restoring, exporting, and analysing mailbox items directly from Microsoft® Exchange Server backups, EDB and Information Store files, or your live Exchange server.

Search Functionality

Ontrack® PowerControls™ is a powerful restoration and searching tool. Locating messages, mailboxes and attachments that meet precise search criteria can be achieved much faster with Ontrack PowerControls. Use keywords and other criteria to search across multiple databases simultaneously, locating the items you need and exporting them back to another location with a simple drag and drop.

Target Files and Servers

Ontrack PowerControls allows you to connect to a target exchange server or a target PST. This video also reviews how to copy data from the source to a target or export those results.

Source Files

This Ontrack PowerControls helps you load your source/backup data to search, restore, export, and analyse your mailbox items.

Office 365 support

This demo shows how you can use Ontrack PowerControls to quickly and easily perform searches, mailbox restores, migrations, consolidations and ediscovery collections on Office 365.

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Ontrack PowerControls for Exchange 100 Mailboxes

Ontrack PowerControls for Exchange
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Ontrack PowerControls for Exchange
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Ontrack PowerControls for Exchange 100 Mailboxes

Ontrack PowerControls for Exchange
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