The Human Element in Data Management

How do you respond to a critical business impact?

The first responder workshop is designed for

IT and business continuity specialists

Many companies experience longer than necessary interruptions to their IT systems. Disaster recovery policies are often not robust enough and do not consider a major data loss scenario.

Imagine that your data cannot be restored quickly enough or cannot be restored at all from available backups. What is you fall back in this scenario?

Organisations often focus their efforts on backing up data securely while neglecting to consider how quickly they can recover their data in the event of a major data loss disaster.

Business continuity requires Data Recovery as a mandatory part of every disaster recovery plan!

The Ontrack first responder workshop is an indispensable part of disaster recovery planning. Click here for workshop details.

What Is Your Perspective on Information Lifecycle Management?

Disaster Recovery planning is a critical requirement for each organization to

  1. Minimize Risk
  2. Manage Cost
  3. Maximize Performance

There are multiple reasons for unscheduled downtime:

  • Failed System Upgrades
  • Power Outages
  • Hardware Failures
  • Human Error
  • Software Malfunctions or
  • Major Disasters (flood, fire, storm,...)

First responder workshop - The Human Element in Information Management

The workshop content and duration is tailored to a company’s audience. The main topics of the first responder workshop are:

Information Lifecycle Management - Challenges & Opportunities

  • What is your perspective on ILM?
  • Where is your focus: Business value, IT efficiency or legal risk?

Understanding Data Loss

  • What is the impact of data loss?
  • Where does data loss start and what are the costs associated with data loss?
  • What are critical rules when processing data loss and how to avoid cost and eliminate mistakes?

The Data Accessibility Gamble

  • What data recovery options are available, for a single disk recovery to enterprise wide cases?
  • Special tips and tools when migrating content, for email and SharePoint content.
  • What are the pitfalls of legacy / tape migration and restoration?
  • What do you need to consider for back up consolidation?
  • What are safe data destruction options?

Real World Cases

  • What are the lessons learned from real world cases?
  • From single drive to virtual environments, databases, tape and cloud based solutions.
  • How do you prepare your first responders?

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