Windows recovery

Ontrack are experienced in recovering lost, deleted, corrupt or damaged files from your Microsoft Windows desktop, laptop, server, smartphone or tablet.

Our trained engineers use a wide range of proprietary recovery tools and techniques in our cleanroom environment to provide the best recovery result possible.

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Windows File and System Recovery

Microsoft data loss scenarios

Our trained engineers recover lost messages, pictures, contacts, music and files from Microsoft devices that are suffering from physical failure (damage caused by water, being dropped or any other incident that causes physical damage to the device).

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The Kroll Ontrack Advantage

The Ontrack advantage

  • State-of-the-art tools: To allow us to recover lost data from a variety of logical issues such as deleted data and Microsoft Windows corruption.
  • Expert Recovery Solutions: Our engineers have unbeatable commercial data recovery experience. Couple that experience with the largest R&D team in the industry and you get the highest quality service available.
  • Retain your Warranty: We have been authorised by many Microsoft Windows-operated hardware vendors to unseal their hard disk drives for recovery purposes without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

Microsoft data recovery specialists

Ontrack is capable of recovering deleted data from all Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office versions. We have recovery experience in:

  • Overwritten Word and Excel files
  • Viruses
  • Accidental deletions
  • System crashes
  • System corruptions
  • Formatting errors
  • And more

Ontrack offers dedicated extraction and recovery services for Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint. We also offer specialised database recovery services for Microsoft SQL server.

Data recovery tip:

When you suspect data loss, SCAN. That's Stop, Check for danger, Ascertain, Notify.

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