Smartphone and tablet data recovery

Smartphone and tablet data recovery

Whether you have an iPhone®, iPad®, Samsung Galaxy®, Google Nexus® or any other type of smartphone or tablet, Ontrack have the skills and experience to know what is recoverable.

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iPhone and other smartphone recovery

Damaged Samsung smartphone

Data recovery options

If your smartphone or tablet has internal or removable memory, Ontrack has the technology and expertise to recover your data.

With almost 30 years experience working in data recovery, we have extensive experience in recovering from the most diverse situations, including:

  • Fire, flood or physical impact
  • Electronic failure
  • Accidental deletion or loss of data such as emails, tasks, messages, photos, music or videos.

Laboratory services are often the best way to recover data

Due to the potential risks involved with turning the phone on and depending on the type of data loss you have experienced, our data recovery experts will have to take additional measures to protect information before starting work on the recovery.

Important: To give your data the best chance of recovery, turn off your device to minimise any further damage.

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