Suspect a RAID array crash?

If you suspect data loss in a RAID array the safest option is to contact an experienced RAID data recovery specialist at Ontrack for an immediate consultation. We recover from all types of RAID levels and support all vendors, media formats and operating systems.

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Data Recovery - What to do in case of RAID data loss?

RAID Data Recovery Help

RAID Data Recovery Assistance

We support all vendors, media formats and operating systems.

Ontrack engineers have vast knowledge of RAID Array storage technology and can successfully recover data from legacy models to the newest RAID configurations in the market.

We offer a free phone consultation for RAID, NAS, SAN, and Server data loss to:

  • Confirm hardware, RAID configuration, virtualisation software and back up procedure.
  • Assess the data loss situation and possible failure points.
  • Provide tips to prevent further data loss.
  • Assess the possibility of a Remote Data Recovery.
  • Advise on preparations for an in-lab RAID data recovery.

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We recover data whatever the cause

Typical RAID failures are caused by component malfunctions (hard drives and controller cards) or operating and application corruptions resulting in inaccessible and/or corrupted data.

Procedural mistakes in the aftermath of a malfunction, or a failed RAID data recovery attempt, can increase damage.

We are experienced in recovering from all RAID levels, including:


Contact us to verify your RAID level and configuration.

We recover data whatever is the cause of data loss

"Ontrack responded quickly to our call for help and also understood that we needed to restore the data quickly to safeguard Accius' reputation. Ontrack really understands the data recovery business and as one of only a few companies with the expertise to recover data from the cloud, Ontrack will be our first port of call should we require their services in future."

Accius® Case Study - Don’t let your cloud burst

Accius Systems Cloud Recovery

One of Ontrack's first cloud recoveries was for Accius Systems Corporation, a developer of custom energy and trading software for global corporations. Accius was using Amazon® Elastic Compute Cloud™ (Amazon® EC2™) to host a development and testing environment for a new energy business application and data mart.

RAID data recovery causes

Ontrack has success in recovering data from virtually all RAID failure scenarios, including:

Human error - Reformat, reinstall and volume overwrite. Proprietary tools allow us to rebuild the RAID virtually, mask out the new active data and repair the original underlying volume to access lost data.

Power issues - Power failure/loss, power cycling and power surges can cause significant issues to RAID systems. RAIDs already running in a degraded state are particularly vulnerable, as power issues can cause out-of-sync drives to be reincorporated into the array. In these cases, Ontrack has the tools and expertise to map the data and logically rebuild the RAID in the degraded state, before virtually recreating the out-of-sync drive in order to extract the required data.

Mechanical issues and failed rebuilds - Individual drives in RAID systems are subject to failure, as are any hard drives. Once a RAID is running in a degraded state, the workload of the remaining drives increases significantly, particularly during rebuild processes that require much more intensive read/write activity than that to which a normally functioning RAID is subjected. In many cases, this can lead to further drive failure and subsequent RAID failure. Ontrack has the Clean Room Environment and expertise required to recover data from failed drives, combined with the Logical skills and tools to rebuild and repair File Systems from failed or partially rebuilt RAID systems.

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