Hard drive data recovery for all makes, models and brands

Hard disk drives (HDD) store all of our critical business and personal files, from account records and contracts to digital photos of loved ones. Although the content on the failed hard disk drive(s) may differ greatly, the sense of shock and despair can be frighteningly similar. Fortunately, Ontrack has been pioneering HDD data recovery methods for nearly 30 years.

Hard drive recovery tip:

To ensure the most successful hard drive recovery, turn off your computer or storage device to minimise further damage.

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We recover data

We recover data from all types of storage devices

Ontrack can recover files from any brand, model or make of hard drive. Our Ontrack HDD Data Recovery services are recognised by major hard drive manufacturers and we are authorised by Western Digital, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Samsung and Toshiba to unseal hard disk drives for recovery without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

We recover from all types of data loss

Our engineers classify hard drive data loss in two categories:

Logical Failure: The hard drive is in working order but some files or data cannot be accessed for reasons such as a lost partition, accidental reformatting, viruses, corrupt files, damaged files or accidental deletion of files.

Mechanical Failure: The hard drive is not functioning; the device is not turning on or it is not being read correctly. The most common causes are head crashes and motor failures. These failures are often characterised by strange grinding, scratching or clicking noises coming from the device.

Data Recovery- Whatever is the data lose cause

Water Damaged Hard Drives

Tips For Hard Drive Data Loss - Water Damaged Hard Drives

If your hard drive experiences water damage, do not attempt to dry it out. Drying the hard drive can lead to corrosion and further data loss. Place the hard drive in an air tight zip lock bag and post it as soon as possible to a Ontrack office for hard drive data recovery services.

How to ship and package damaged hard drives

Tips for hard drive data loss - hard drives that are making noises

If your hard drive is making strange clicking or grinding noises turn it off immediately. This noise might be an indication that your drive has experienced a head crash and is not reading the data correctly, which can result in permanent, unrecoverable damage to your files.

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If your hard drive is making strange noises, call 01 960 9265 to prevent further damage.

Hard drives that are making noises

Tips for Hard Drive Data Loss

Tips for hard drive data loss - missing, reformatted or accidentally deleted files

If you have accidentally deleted files and you need to recover them then you may want to try our DIY data recovery software; you can download a free trial of the software that will tell you if your files are recoverable. If the files are recoverable, you may simply purchase the full licence of the software to retrieve the data.

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