Recover deleted files for Windows and Apple

Options to recover deleted files

Ontrack provides both DIY data recovery software and service options to recover deleted files. We are a trusted solution for home users and businesses alike, with solutions to suit all needs and budgets. If you've only deleted files, and have no physical damage on your computer, then Ontrack EasyRecovery software is a cost-effective solution to help retrieve all types of Microsoft Office and Apple files. Otherwise, you can enquire about our Ontrack Data Recovery services in the event of any physical damage.

File recovery tip:

In the event of a data loss, it is critically important to stop using the affected media immediately to ensure that no further files are overwritten or rendered inaccessible.

When to use File Recovery Software

When to use in-lab file recovery

Depending on your data loss situation, file recovery software is recommended only when your hardware or computer system is functioning properly. If your hard drive is making unusual noises (e.g. clicking), has been physically damaged, or shows other signs of mechanical failure, a free consultation with our data recovery consultants is recommended.

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When to use file recovery software

Organisations and home users can recover lost files themselves using Ontrack EasyRecovery - powerful do-it-yourself (DIY) software. It recovers damaged or deleted files from many different storage media types, including those that are formatted, corrupt or initialised.

Tip: Ontrack EasyRecovery Free will let you recover up to 1GB of data for free.

Ontrack EasyRecovery file recovery software

File recovery from damaged storage media

Contact Ontrack as soon as possible for a free consultation if you have lost files due to damage or failed media. Our data recovery consultants will guide you in order to prevent further data loss. Attempts to extract the files without professional data recovery services may lead to your data being permanently irretrievable.

Tip: Do not try to recover files yourself if the drive is damaged by fire, water, is making noises or has other physical damage.

File Recovery from Damaged Storage Media

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