Database Recovery

Ontrack offers world-leading solutions for database recovery, including recovery of Microsoft SQL Server databases, restoring Oracle databases, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server databases and more.

Two primary causes of lost database files are: a failure in the data storage device (hard disk, SAN, DAS/RAID) or damage to the internal database that prevents row data from being accessed.

Our database recovery services are trusted by thousands of IT professionals and technology users with inaccessible or lost database files.

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Database Recovery

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Database recovery steps

The recovery process for database files includes four stages.

A successful recovery of these types of files requires a verification of the storage device or system and the file system that contains the database.

  1. Target LUN (SAN or NAS), iSCSI* LUN identification, low-level DAS/RAID are verified at block level.
  2. Volume file system indices are checked for meta-data-to-data stream integrity.
    Note: iSCSI LUNs are reliant upon the SAN's internal file system to manage the data. Data loss within this type of logical storage may require access to the SAN's volume where the iSCSI files are stored.
  3. Database file integrity is checked.
  4. Database listing of all recoverable tables and rows is completed.

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Ontrack engineering teams have certified developer status with Apple, Microsoft, Sun and VMware. This provides the best recovery solution possible for you critical database applications.

Database recovery tip:

To prevent further file loss, contact our experts for a free consultation before you try to recover with software tools.

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Emergency Database Recovery

Emergency Database Recovery

Ontrack offers remote data recovery solution to recover lost database data quickly and securely. This service is ideal for emergency jobs or where the hardware is unable to be removed from the premises.

Our remote recovery service restores the lost and damaged data onto a new database server that is set up on the client's site using our proprietary software and a secure internet connection.

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